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5 Things You Must Have at Your 4th of July Party

07/02/2012 09:51 ● By Kathryn

Planning on throwing the best Fourth of July Party this year? If so, you're at the right place! Even though organizing a party may be tasky and difficult, throwing the best 4th of July Party is not as stressful as it sounds. Even if the "best" is out of the question, you may want to read along to find the top five things you must have at your 4th of July Party this year.

The first thing you must have at your party is your family. This may sound obvious, but sometimes getting your daughter and her family to come down or getting Aunt Annie to visit may not be so easy. Although getting your entire tree would be wonderful, if possible, try getting your close relatives and the people you really want to share the holiday with to come to your party. A nice way to convince your relatives to show up would be sending out cute invitations such as flag designed ones. These could be bought at party stores as July gets closer, but if you really want your relatives to see you're trying hard to make them come, try crafting the invitations yourself. Get your children to help with the coloring and let your imagination flow!

Next, you must have cool decorations to set the mood for your party. First make sure that the place where your party is being held is clean and in good conditions. If it is at your home, mow the lawn, trim the garden, clean the house. If it is at the park, make sure the place is clean. Then you can add all of your fun decorations which may include baloons, streamers, confetti on the tables, banners, bows, etc. You can buy these items at your nearby party store or order things online if you have enough time to wait for them to be shipped. Some of the coolest Fourth of July decorations can be by you! So get creative because cool decorations are a must-have for your party!

You can't have a Fourth of July Party without the red, white, and blue desserts! If you can, try baking your own desserts because there's nothing better than what is homemade. If you run out of time, supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Publix are great when it comes to holiday goodies. Make sure you have a variety of desserts at your party including cookies, cupcakes, fruit bowls, and a center cake. Also, make sure that everything is 4th of July related. Set up a special table to exhibit your desserts and let your guests' mouth water.

The fourth thing you need for your party are goodie bags! Everyone loves a goodie bag full of surprises, even adults. So have goodie bags for everyone with a 4th of July theme. If you can't find goodie bags with a 4th of July theme at your party store, try buying sold red, white and blue ones instead. Add sweets and candies and a favor such as whistles, mini-flags, and flag pins. Another goodie everyone will love is a plastic Uncle Sam hat that can be distributed to each guest as they arrive. Your party won't be the same without the goodies!

Last, what's a Fourth of July Party without the fireworks? Even if your party can't administer huge sky lighting fireworks, buying smaller ones to light during the night is a good idea. You can get these anywhere once July arrives, but since you want fireworks that are safe, try getting them from the supermarket. There you can find firework packages for low prices. Make sure to take precautions and all the safety measures needed when the time for the fireworks comes. You don't want an accident to ruin the night!

So there you have it, five things you must have at your 4th of July Party. Take time with your planning so that you don't miss any detail. Begin a shopping list now so that your budget doesn't surprise you, make sure you send out the invitations two weeks before the day, and don't get stressed out about it. 

Start now and take it slow. The best party of the year is in your hands!

Article by DiGi

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