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Spotlight on Copper & Vine Kitchen and Wine Bar

05/07/2012 12:44 ● By Kathryn

Copper & Vine Kitchen and Wine Bar is located in the historic Jefferson Blount Harvey Building in the quaint and growing Uptown District of Greenville.  

The concept of the wine bar is one that is duplicated by the dozens in larger, metropolitan areas, and the owners of Copper & Vine Kitchen and Wine Bar took the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon once the unique and beautiful Jefferson Blount Harvey Building space became available.  

Copper & Vine is built on the idea hand-crafted cocktails, an extensive and unique wine list, and rotating craft bottle selection that changes weekly and is available by draught and in bottle. The dinner menu is comprised of all small plates, which is a style of several, smaller courses of food instead one dinner entrée, and includes unusual items such as dates stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in chorizo and tuna tartare with cucumber and avocado.  

“The concept of small plates is an idea that is trending across the nation. As our society becomes more health-conscious, we realize the portions of food we are consuming don’t justify a healthy and well-rounded diet. Small plates also foster a communal feel, as also shown in European and Asian cultures. We encourage our customers to order and share several different of our food options, and it is exciting to watch as they interact and enjoy items they may not have previously ordered on their own,” says owner, Autumn Mills.   

“Most of the time, this enhances their dining experience overall as they receive such diversity in textures, flavors, aromas, in their meal instead of just one steak and baked potato. We’ll consider ourselves successful if we can continue to introduce Greenville to unique cheeses, meats, and dishes from around the world they have never tried before,” she adds.  

The menu, management, and overall restaurant itself is a collaborative effort, and Mills considers herself lucky to find such a dedicated, amazingly talented, and loyal staff. “The fact that I have staff from around the United States, who have traveled abroad around the world, that appreciate and belief in what we’re trying to accomplish at Copper & Vine, that pull from their many different dining experiences and travels to contribute to our business and Uptown Greenville is extremely humbling.”  

Weekly food and cocktail features can include everything from Thai to French influence, and many times, the staff find themselves being asked to explain exactly what it is that they are serving.  

“What we are doing at Copper & Vine is different and challenging at times. We’ve had many a person walk in our doors to turn around and walk right back out because we don’t offer a ribeye, baked potato with a Bud Light®. However, it is ultimately rewarding, and the challenge just expounds upon that. Our ability to garner further growth to the Uptown area, while expanding someone’s culinary experience and palette is truly our goal,” Mills adds.   

Copper & Vine Kitchen and Wine Bar boasts a wine list with over 125 bottle choices, and include interesting and unusual choices such as Gamay, Torrontes, and Tokaji.  Autumn’s background is primarily in wine, as she has owned and operated Dolce Vita Wine and Beer for the past five years and currently holds her Level One with the Court of Master Sommeliers, a British court of wine experts.  

“A good marriage of food and wine is a beautiful thing, and when asked exactly why we chose to open Copper & Vine in the middle of a turbulent economy, that’s my answer. People still want to enjoy, they still want to live, and there’s not better way to do that than with a bite of good cheese and a sip of amazing wine.”  

Charles Adams, who has a major in Anthropology and Religious Studies, currently heads up the culinary staff at Copper & Vine.  He is often referred to as a mad scientist, as he can take any number of unusual ingredients and make something incredible.   

“The great part of Copper & Vine is once a week having a local farmer walk in a huge basket of fresh herbs, greens, and produce and being able to enjoy creative reign to make something from that. We try to support local vendors, and buy just what we need for the week, and often times, sell out. What we use is fresh, and often, was pulled from the ground just hours before it is consumed. That is true farm-to-table at its best. Sometimes we don’t even know exactly what we’re going to serve, it just kind of comes to me,” says Adams.  “I’ve worked in numerous different restaurants, traveled around the world to Thailand, India, and have influences from French cuisine, as well. I like to create what’s good, fresh, and different. Copper & Vine has offered myself a platform to create and serve, which is what it’s all about,” he adds.  

Copper & Vine’s craft cocktails are made in a similar way. They use all fresh, from-scratch ingredients, mulled produce, and fine liquors. It may take an extra minute to prepare such a hand-crafted cocktail, but most customers don’t mind the wait. You can enjoy everything from their Lemon Basil Crush, which is mulled lemon and basil topped with an elderflower liquor and Moscato, to their Bourbon Smash which includes bourbon, Angostura bitters, and cranberry juice. 

Copper & Vine also offers a rotating beer selection, and often feature local and highly allocated beers on draught. The bar opens up at 5 p.m. nightly Tuesday through Saturday, and also offers nightly specials, features, and events, such as Beertable, which takes place every Tuesday at 6 p.m. and offers a complimentary tasting of four new craft beers.  

Copper & Vine Kitchen and Bar has been a welcome addition to the Uptown area and hopes to continue to grow and assist in attracting other businesses to the area, as well.  If you’re interested in making reservations, booking a private event, or just checking out the space, please visit 330 Evans Street or call (252) 758-6900. Just tell them Impressions sent you!

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